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5 Websites to Get Your Family Fit and Healthy

Being fit and healthy is goal for many families. One thing that helps is that kids seem to have a natural love for physical activity. Now if they only had an affinity for healthy food, we'd be set!

To help achieve that healthy lifestyle, check out these five free online resources for outdoor activities, family exercise tips, and kids' games for teaching nutrition and fitness:

Let's Move

Let's Move
The Let’s Move campaign was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama last year. On this website, you will learn how to prevent childhood obesity, find nutritional facts, get ideas for being active, and learn how you can help schools and communities serve healthier foods to children. You can even set goals for your family’s activity level and meet up with local families and be active together!

Super Kids Nutrition

Super Kids Nutrition

Super Kids Nutrition has sound nutrition advice for parents and a kids' site where nutrition and fitness games and downloadable activities help kids learn the basics as well. You’ll find online articles about nutrition, activities for kids, snack and meal ideas, nutrition curriculum for education, books, and more.

Nourish Healthy Kids

Nourish Healthy Kids
Nourish Healthy Kids touts its online games to teach kids about nutrition and it has sections for kids, parents and educators. You’ll also find articles about nutrition, dietary advice, and recipes and learn how to set healthy goals for your family. Sign up for the free e-newsletter to keep the tips and information coming straight to you.

Moms in Motion

Moms in Motion
Let’s face it, moms don’t get a lot of time to focus on their own health. The Moms in Motion organization will set you up with other moms in your area to help you meet your goals. Want to run a 5k or a marathon? You can find women to train with. Studies have shown that keeping others around when you exercise or set a physical goal is a huge help to achieving that goal. You can make new friends, get healthy, and model good health to your kids.

We Can!

We Can!
The US Department of Health and Social Services has created the We Can! website to be your one stop location for information. You’ll find healthy weight tips, ideas for eating right recipes, activities for kids, and more. There are even resources to help bring health and fitness efforts to your community.

By Michele Johansen ~ Usa Weekend, April 26, 2011


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